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What is Pskill University?

Pskill University is a

Learn at your own pace.

What is Pskill University a better option over YouTube and other online solutions?

Pskill University is curriculums and lessons are designed by educators who are also experienced music professionals, not novice or inexperienced individuals who may not be qualified. Although Youtube has a great database of tutorial videos, only a few have educational value. It’s very important that students have background information to be a well-rounded student in all areas. Pskill offers more than instructions on a given piece of gear and how to w

Why is Pskill University only $99 per year?

We understand that beat makers need a consistent educational resource for self-development. That’s only $8.25 per month. Other online schools and institutions charge thousands of dollars in tuition fees.

Do I need any prior experience to take a course?

Pretty much none at all. We have a Free Beginner’s course available for all students.


Can I upgrade my membership?

Unfortunately, you can not. Because we offer both monthly and yearly membership plans, we believe you can find the right plan that will suit your needs

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